Tom's blog 4.9.18

By editor September 4th, 2018

As I’m on the comeback trail and trying to gain fitness, I’m constantly reminding myself of why I run and having just come back from a lovely holiday on the Cornish south coast, I’ve been reminded of that more than ever.

This photo was taken on the South West coast path at St Anthony Head - I enjoyed a stunning 9 mile run along the coast path last week with a mild temperature, minimal winds, the sea calm and the views stunning, it was easy to think that running-wise this is all I need. Even running coastal routes in less favourable conditions is still a joy. I know however that after a while, the need to get the competitive juices flowing would always get me back into racing. I run quite a hard pace in training most of the time – always have, always will and that’s how I like it but I also know after all these years that there really is no replacement for a race to push yourself. So I’m taking the added motivation from running on the coast as I get back to the almost-as-stunning runs on my doorstep in Ickworth Park.

As for racing, my coach throughout my teens in Bristol always told me to race myself fit. I still believe in this principle today but there is of course a balance. I’m not going to enter a race in the next week or two when I’ve barely got back to doing sessions, but equally it will do me good to have a race on the horizon. Weekend of 6th/7th October looks like it will be my first race for what by then will have been over 7 months. It will help me pick up the training over the next month whilst continuing to keep my expectations low and not look too far ahead in terms of when and where I will ultimately be back in decent shape.