Tom's blog 3.10.18

By editor October 4th, 2018

One step forwards, one step back.

Running is a simple sport, probably the simplest one there is, but as I’ve learnt over the past year the path you run on is far from easy. Just as I notice some progress in my training, there seems to be an enforced step back which has happened three or four times now over the past year. I’m not superstitious but if I was, perhaps the positive tone of my last blog post tempted fate as the same day I wrote that entry, I hurt my foot. This time it was innocuous enough and with my left foot (which up until now has been completed unaffected by the recent injuries). I was on my bike two weeks ago and moving up onto a bike path but, as I found out, the dropped kerb was not exactly dropped to the road level and my narrow tyres slid along the kerb squashing my left foot between the wheel and kerb as I put my foot down. It hurt like hell, I got an x-ray, nothing broken and now two weeks later the swelling and pain is starting to go away so hopefully I’ll be back running next week, but by then it will have been nearly three weeks with no running at all and no gym. Massively frustrating but no one likes a bear with a sore head and so I’ve just enjoyed the positives which come out of the situation such as spending longer in my pj’s on a Sunday morning hanging out with my little ones.

Going forwards, it has meant an adjustment to where I had set my sights – my first race was supposed to be this Sunday, I’d entered the low-key 10k as part of the Great Barrow Challenge but that’s not happening. I could enter the St Edmunds 10k at the end of October at Skyliner as a season-opening workout but I’m trying not to race more than two weekends in succession as a way to minimise the risk of a reoccurrence of the previous injuries and November starts with two races: Fram XC and Scenic 7. It will probably instead be a run over the fields from Horringer to do a Parkrun and try to get a couple of track sessions in before the end of October. The only lingering frustration is that I won’t be as a fit as I hoped to be, given I will have gone 3 weeks without running. One thing I’ve learnt to do is quickly reset my sights as a motivating and uplifting means of getting going again – we’ve got a few days in Switzerland over half-term seeing a couple of my old university friends and their families and I’m so excited as it looks like I’ll be back running again before we go which means alpine hill runs on stunning forest trails above Lausanne - can’t wait!