Tom's Blog 30.5.17

By Tom's_Blog May 30th, 2017

As I look forward to the Wharfedale Trail Half Marathon this Saturday, I've been trying to inject more pace and effort into my training runs to also put some zip back into my legs and slowly but surely I'm feeling fresher.

I had a bit of an epiphany whilst out running last week - I have been heel to toe rolling as a consequence of marathon training and longer runs but I realised last week that striking the ground with my heel first over extends my hamstring and is the cause of the soreness I've felt in my left leg and is likely to have contributed to the cramp problems. As soon as I switched back, mid-run, to mid-foot striking the ground as a single contact, my legs felt so much better and it is how I used to run for years over shorter distances. A routine physio visit to Jo and her sound advice has since confirmed this. On the one hand I feel an idiot for not realising sooner but on the other hand at least it shows you can teach an old dog new tricks!

Had a cracking 8 mile fartlek run yesterday with a mate providing bike support - his family are old friends from Somerset who were visiting for the weekend and I was showing him our version of hills out towards Hawstead and the smile in his photo was simply a reaction to great weather, great company and beautiful countryside.