Tom's Blog 29.1.17

By Tom's_Blog January 31st, 2017

29.1.17 18 miles, 2:04 a shade under 7 min. miling with the last five miles at marathon pace.

We are all so lucky to have so many different route options on our doorstep living in Bury St Edmunds, road and off-road, and despite having lived here since 2008, yesterday’s route was a new one.

We spent the morning with friends at Wyken and then, thanks to my trusted friend the Map My Run app, I planned a route from Wyken to home via Pakenham, Thurston, the bike path to Moreton Hall, under the A14, Rushbrooke, Nowton, Horsecroft Lane to home.  A cracking 18 and a bit mile route nearly all on quiet country lanes. 

The aim this week was to train straight off last Sunday’s 21 mile run without any rest days, culminating in yesterday’s 18 mile run, so that the two long runs were only 6 days apart.  I’ve done 6 weeks of my marathon programme now, but I haven’t attempted a week like this in previous marathon training schedules and so it has given me real confidence to come through it feeling strong.

I am a fan of most sports, rugby in particular. What has most recently fuelled my motivation though has been the Aussie Open tennis with four 30-somethings in the men's and women's finals and players back to the top of their game after some time, in Federer's case several years.  Linked to my comment in my last blog post about Mo and Murray's exploits since fatherhood, i now have real belief that pb's in my upcoming race block are possible, even though it's been a good few years since my last one.

Talking of sport, in the meantime  I can't wait for the 6 Nations to start this coming weekend. As a Bath boy born and raised, I do love my rugby. Swing low sweet chariot.....