Tom's Blog 28.2.17

By Tom's_Blog February 28th, 2017

26.2.17 Tarpley 10: 8th place, 60:10

Not a great time to be honest and I really should have been fighting it out for 3rd place, but being realistic with myself it was to be expected after a week with a heavy cold ever since the Nowton XC and only getting one run in, which was last Friday.  Within the first mile of the race, my breathing was much heavier than normal and the legs had no real zip and so I reassessed my goal for the race there and then.  This was always a warm-up race for the Cambridge Half but nonetheless a race that still matters a lot to me, given it’s our home flagship Pacers event and my family and parents were there watching.  The instant reassessment I made was to maintain a pace more comfortable than ‘eyeballs out’ which I could sustain to the end.  It was a bit of a shame but putting that to one side, I still really enjoyed the event with the club being out in force, plus the weather gods were looking out for us yet again as they seem to do most years for Tarpley.

A further reassessment has taken place since Sunday about my training this week and my target in Cambridge.  My head cold is slowly disappearing but erring on the side of caution, I will do 30-minute tempo runs each lunchtime this week and use them as an opportunity to recce various parts of the course ahead of Sunday’s race, as my office is in central Cambridge.  In terms of the race itself, sub-75 minutes might be a little out of reach now after the last 10 days, which is a shame as my form up to and including the Stamford 30k a couple of weeks suggested that time was a real possibility, and so sub-6 minute miling is now the aim – therefore sub-78 minutes.  I will at least be going ‘eyeballs out’ this time and giving it everything as it’s a cracking race and a fast course, so no reason to not empty the locker.

This coming Sunday is the end of my mini-race block of four races and I’m actually now really looking forward to picking up the training again and doing some longer runs and resuming the hill runs and track sessions.  I have a three day work trip to Prague next week and the first thing I pack is always my running shoes so given the geography of the city, I’ll be going up as many hills as possible whilst I’m there, either early in the morning or in the evenings.  Then it’ll be head down with the training and only one race left in the schedule before London, the Bungay Half on 2nd April, at the start of my three week taper to the big day.