Tom's blog 27.4.19

By editor April 28th, 2019

An Res Hellys 10mile multi-terrain race 14.4.19

23rd, 64:59


Always nice to race in new surroundings, this time on the south coast of Cornwall. This race had a bit of everything: hills, slog along a beach, strong coastal winds, cold and a bit of rain thrown in. It was a fairly solid effort going a shade under 6:30/mile pace and I enjoyed the setting but it still felt like I’ve not progressed since Tarpley two months ago. I know the answer though, which helps, and that is simply not upping my training.


I had good subsequent training runs on the Cornish coast the following week, but to make progress I now need sharper stuff. I did my first track session for a couple of months this Wednesday, lap times not brilliant but I was able to go about 5sec/lap quicker for the different reps and then managed a 64-65sec 400m rep to finish - the feeling of going through a few gears was great after feeling one-paced for such a long period of time; it’s these little signs that give me some encouragement and it’s always good to get some group training in. I also take some encouragement from my recovery the next couple of days - not so tight in the calves or hamstrings and felt comfortable doing Parkrun this morning. It wasn’t brilliant in 18:27 but this week’s been a good start to the summer season and I just need to get plenty more sessions in and up the frequency of races, starting with the Thurston Fun Run next weekend. In the meantime a quick work trip to Lisbon beckons and I’m really looking forward to a couple of early morning runs in the sun.

Motivation is strong and I always think the London Marathon buzz helps fire up the motivation further and the better weather and longer daylight helps massively too. I’ll continue to take it week by week and be patient and look for small signs of encouragement.