Tom's Blog 27.3.17

By Tom's_Blog March 28th, 2017

25.3.17 17 miles 1:58:57 7.00 min/mile pace.

Lovely route and another reminder of how lucky I feel to have so many different routes and terrains on the doorstep.  We’d been to Oxburgh Hall on Saturday morning and I got dropped off by the water tower just south of Elveden on the way home.  From there it’s a stunning 4 miles or so along the track to West Stow Country Park – one of the nicest 4 mile runs anywhere for scenery, solitude and quiet; the sun was out and 5 large deer each with an impressive set of antlers crossed my path soon after I took the quick photo, which was a memorable moment.  I then headed left on the road past the Country Park, through West Stow village, joined the river path, then back on the road through Fornham St Martin, left and up through Hall Farm on the bridleway, straight across the main road outside Great Barton and up the bridleway to the pedestrian railway crossing at the back of Moreton Hall, before a downhill finish back to town.  A lovely route and a good mix of off-road terrain. 

I felt pretty tired throughout but I expected it, as it was a 7-day straight week which started with a 22-miler on the  Sunday then straight through with no rest to the Saturday and this 17 miler.  It was a pleasant surprise to look at my phone when I got home and see that it was still bang on 7-minute miling overall as it felt a lot slower than that. 

There’s less than 4 weeks to go now and with the arrival of the final London race magazine, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t thinking about London a bit more but I’m also keeping focused on the training still to tick off in the meantime: 2 x track sessions, 2 - 3 x hill sessions, 2 x 9-mile tempo runs, an 18-miler this weekend, a 15 miler two weeks before and then the two-week taper.  I’ll be keeping my 2 or 3 gym sessions going for the next two weeks as well until the taper.

There’s also the Easter holidays coming up and some days off to spend with the kids including hopefully some time at the coast if this lovely spring weather stays for a while.