Tom's blog 14.11.18

By editor November 14th, 2018

Feeling a little stronger, fitter and breathing a little less heavy week by week but I’m only taking it one week at a time in terms of training. I will run the opening leg of the Hereward Relay, albeit pretty unfit, and that will actually be my first race since the Tarpley 10 back in late February, only a mere 9 month gap!

With that in mind, I gave myself a reality check after being disappointed to miss out on a Cambridge Half place. Having not raced for 9 months, I really shouldn’t be worried about not being able to do a half marathon the weekend after the Tarpley 10 – considering the disruptions I’ve had in the past year and the huge amount of ground I need to make up in terms of fitness, it is crazy to be distracted by such race plans; that may have been normal for me in the past but I need to be a little more cautious now. I’m already looking forward to Tarpley, as 3 months is a decent amount of time to get some real fitness back, assuming I’ve not had any further disruptions.

In the meantime, it’s just week by week with no firm training plans but just aiming to increase the frequency, the pace and the distance of my runs (not all in one go) and gym workouts where I do flexibility, foot and ankle strength exercises and some core work to aid my running and keep my metabolism firing. I’m not yet running more than 10k distance but I’m able to sustain a slightly quicker pace each time and I’m running virtually every day now. I’ll start doing 7 to 8 mile runs soon and add an interval session or two each week. Still not looking too far ahead, but keeping the positivity and motivation up and hoping I’ll feel signs of improvement as the weeks go by. As a parent of two young children, a school Governor and with a full-time job, there’s plenty of distractions which is actually a blessing when my training gets interrupted. Now I’m trying to ramp up my training, the challenge is fitting it all in but so far so good.