Tom's Blog 13.6.17

By Tom's_Blog June 13th, 2017

Fairly run of the mill training week the past week – I’ve struggled a little bit for motivation after the buzz of the race in Grassington the previous weekend and a busy domestic life over these couple of weeks. I made a conscious decision to try to mix things up to try to fire the motivation again – I found a new 10-mile trail loop virtually off-road from my front door and last night I went out to Ickworth for a hill session and loved it. I never thought I’d say that about hills, as they’ve always been an achilles heel mentally and physically for me, but if I consciously think about how I am doing hill sessions now, I am definitely much stronger than this time a year ago. I’m also really hammering down the hills as well, focusing on fast leg speed, strong arms and really controlled breathing – the downhills were a real plus for me in the Grassington race and I know I can make significant time up on the downhill sections in Snowdonia. It feels a bit strange when I think I have another marathon only five and a half weeks away as I’m not counting weekly mileage, I’m not running twice a day etc but it’s actually really refreshing just getting out on the trails in the countryside and the simple enjoyment of running. Yes, I am doing 18mile runs in the build up to the race in Snowdonia, yes I’ve got a very clear mental picture of the route and how I will try to tackle it and yes it will be tough taking me well over 4hours but I’m also focusing much more on pure enjoyment; this is not so easy in a fast, flat city marathon when the clock is king! On the nearer horizon, I’m looking forward to the Bury Friday 5 – it will probably feel like a bit of a shock to the system but hopefully I’ll still put in a respectable showing. I’ve mentioned in previous blogs how much I love running in the stunning setting of Ickworth and the wildlife often seen – well I didn’t expect to see this big fella on a recent outing there! ;-)