Suffolk County XC Championships

By Steve January 8th, 2018

This years Suffolk County XC Championship was held at Culford School on a cold windy dry day which seemed to bring out some good Pacer performances. This is a long list so I shall begin :-

Girls U13, Team 3rd:- Anna Cartwright, Stephanie Allen, Amber Bradnam 

Boys U13, 1st Lewis Sullivan, Team 2nd:- Lewis Sullivan, Max Berry, Ben Moye 

Girls U15, Team 3rd:- Lily Genner, Anna Robson, Rhian O'Brien 

BoysU15, 1st Ben Bayly, Team 2nd:- Ben Bayly, Tom Henson, Oscar Woodward 

Men U17, Team 2nd: Steven Quercia-Smale, Joe Robson, Reuben Handy

Women U20, 2nd Alice Bell, Lizzie Jackson 

Women Overall, 2nd Odette Robson, Team 2nd:- Odette Robson, Angela Joiner-Handy, Joanna Woledge

Women V40, 1st Joanna Woledge, 2nd Zohra Armitage 

Women V45, 1st Odette Robson, 2nd Angela Joiner-Handy 

Women V50, 3rd Claire Hoblyn 

Women V55, 1st Sally Eastall, 2nd Dawn Marshall, 3rd Rita Rue

Women V60, 1st Jenny Morgan

Men V50, 2nd Mark Watts

Men V65, 2nd Steven Rue

Men V70, 2nd John Cullum

A big thank you to all 76 Pacers who competed, Martin Brophy, Ian Gooderham and all the Pacer supporters.

Full results from the link below.