Round Norfolk Relay Race Report

By editor October 1st, 2016

Pacers came 18th out of a total of 58 teams and 8th in the Club class at the 30th annual Round Norfolk Relay; a 196 mile 24 hour race divided into 17 unequal lengths. Not only is this a tremendous feat in endurance, it is a tremendous feat in organisation. For each runner to run, it takes volunteers at each leg, a driver, bike rider and timekeeper to make it happen. In the wings are volunteers to set up and dismantle the course and volunteers to taxi runners to and from the stages. All this was ably co-ordinated by Ian Gooderham and our thanks goes out to him along with all the helpers who made it possible. 

Conditions were close to ideal with barely a breeze, except along the coast, and generally quite balmy. Possibly the most extreme situation was Stage 9, a 16.6 mile stretch that included running past the fish and chip shops of Great Yarmouth on a Saturday night. Stewart White completed this admirably in 2:04:09. Taking on the baton at Belton was Tom White who ran 18.3 miles in an amazing 2:03:59, despite having run Man vs Mountain (coming 18th out of a total of 1500 competitors) the week before and allowing for a ‘comfort break’ just shy of Earsham.

The fastest runner was Tom Kingsnorth, who came 3rd in Stage 4 from Wells to Cley maintaining a whopping 6:24 pace for 11.4 miles. The longest stage of 19.67 miles fell to Chris Perry who, in the middle of the night, ran it in 2:48:59 and the last stage was completed by our fastest lady, Angie Joiner-Handy. Our total time was 25:35:31 giving an average pace of 7:45 overall. For detailed results please go to if only to see just how extraordinarily complex this race is.  Well done also to Henry Steele who was 3rd on Stage 16 and Claire Hoblyn who was 19th (3rd lady) on Stage 6.  Claire turned that around in the age grading results; Claire at 75.7% with Henry Steele close behind with 75.6%.

Please go to "Race Results" for full results.