Pacers Grand Prix Series 2019

By editor April 27th, 2019

Saint Edmund Pacers Grand Prix Series 2019


1. The series will be operated over a one year period commencing 1st January .

2. The Club Committee will decide each year, how many, and which events are to be included.

3. Club members will be automatically included in the Series providing they have paid their membership fees and will score points for each race providing they are shown in the results as a member of Saint Edmund Pacers .

4. Event points are determined as follows:

The first club adult male and female member in each age group in each event will be awarded 100 series points, the second placed will be awarded 99 points etc.

points will be awarded on finishing position in your age group.

5. Each members’ 6 highest points will count towards the final series table. In the event of a tie, positions will be determined by head-to-head results of tied runners.

6. Awards will be in eight categories to the highest scoring man and woman in age groups:


Senior 15 to 40

40 to 49 years old only

50 to 59 years old only

60 years old and over only

Age is determined at 1st January for the whole of that year’s series

7. Any disputes will be settled by the Club Committee.

Races.                                                                                                      Date

  1. Suffolk winter League X-Country Fritton Lake.                     10/03/2019
  2. Suffolk Winter League X-Country Haverhill.                         24/03/2019
  3. Bungay Black Dog 10 KM.                                                    13/04/2019
  4. 5 KM Track Challenge Ipswich.                                             03/06/2019
  5. Friday 5 Sudbury.                                                                  14/06/2019
  6. Newmarket 10 KM.                                                                07/07/2019
  7. Brantham 5 Mile.                                                                   19/07/2019
  8. 5 KM Track Challenge Bury.                                                  02/09/2019
  9. Thurlow 10 mile.                                                                    20/10/2019
  10. Stowmarket Scenic 7.                                                           10/11/2019