Hill Training (July to Sept)

By editor July 16th, 2018

Pacers Summer Hill Training Venues

July starts another 8 weeks of hill training locations and venues.

Start time, usually 6:30pm to begin at 6:40pm. Details are posted on the clubs Facebook page & Whats App. These Tuesday sessions are available to all the club memebers, so please come along to as many as you can make! The aims of this training is to improve your strength endurance, confidence with hill running and running form in a friendly group environment.


17.07. Layhill Covert -  Aerobic conditioning & Lactate Threshold training

24.07. Nowton Park - Endurance 1mile runs & short climb runs

31.07. Mount Rd - Strength Endurance/Uphill & Downhill form running

07.08. Moreton Hall 5k - Time trial

14.08. Barons Rd 4 Greens - Agility drills and group competition

21.08. Thurston Railway Bridge (the Green Beast) - V02 Max training

28.08. Ickworth Park - Group run with hill sprints (SA on HOLIDAY)

04.09. Bury Friday 5 route - 2/4 miles of the hilly course