The Fisher Trophy

By editor January 10th, 2019

To All Club Members


The above trophy was presented for the first time prior to the Suffolk Cross Country Championships held at Culford School on Sunday. Although several club members were present I thought it would be nice if everyone were made aware of this presentation. I attach a copy of the few words I said on the day together with a photograph of the cup being handed to Geoff Fisher.

Rod Allard


At a recent Pacers meeting it was agreed to introduce a new trophy to be awarded on an annual basis, to a person whom the committee had nominated as being an outstanding contributor to club affairs, over the preceding 12 month period.

Normally, this award would be to a club member but this year the decision was made to present the trophy to a person who has made these outstanding contributions to our club, not only during the past year, but for many years stretching back as far as can be remembered.

The nominee has been present at numerous events, not only helping Saint Edmund Pacers, but all Suffolk clubs in order that events such as today’scan take place in safety.

He is normally one of the first to arrive and quite likely the last to leave.

He has been responsible for setting out courses for us in all weathers and today has been no exception.

A quiet, unassuming person who has again today marked out all the courses to make sure nobody gets lost!

Last year’s event showed his dedication to us all when not long after the tragic loss of his dear wife Sharon, this year’s winner was here doing what he does so well, making sure all ages have the correct course to run on.

I refer of course to Geoff Fisher, a very worthwhile first winner of this new trophy.

As a further mark of Saint Edmund Pacers appreciation of his efforts, and also to mark the contribution of the late Sharon, the club decided that the trophy should be named the FISHER TROPHY.