Eastern Masters Athletics

By Steve July 31st, 2017

On the evening of Wednesday 26th July, the joint team of West Suffolk Athletics Club and the Pacers competed in Ipswich.
Our team took part in eight events including the 2000m walk, disc, 100m, javelin, mile run, triple jump, 400m and the 400/200 medley relay.
Our team worked really hard over the league and came 4th, only 3 points behind the 3rd team. We were supported by Seb and Katie who officiated in the javelin event. 
Seb ran an amazing 400m as a guest and Katie ran the mile following her 10k at Marham in the afternoon. The league has been fantastic with an opportunity to try out various track and field events. The combined team would like to especially thank out  team captain Christine Anthony for all her support, longer warm ups and keeping us all organised.