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We no longer operate Club Standards as increasingly these have become obsolete.  Rather, we recommend you register with the runbritain website where you are able to claim your handicap, which gives a far better indication of individual performance.

Please do click on the link below and familiarise yourself with this website.  There is a whole host of information available including the abiliity to look at your own stats, as well as other runners!

Run Britain Rankings - Click Here

Below is also a link to a pace/distance/time calculator.  This calculates distance in both miles and kilometres and will help you work out at what pace you need to run to achieve a PB at any distance!

Pace Calculator - Click Here


If you want to see your Age Graded results for any event you have raced in then go to the "Results" tab and view the "Pacer Results" for your race.  These results have been added by Peter Bird who has created a spreadsheet that as well as giving race time, also calculates age grade and pace.

Here is an explanation from Peter on Road Age Standards and how age grading works ...

The standards are derived from historical performance data from 2015. These cover all ages from 5 to 100. The tables establish a performance level for each gender for each distance for each age for the most standardised distances. In this manner every athlete can compare their performance against the standard and against every other athlete’s performance against their standard.

How do you work out the age grade %?

Convert the finishing time into seconds. After looking up the standard time (expressed in seconds) for the race distance, age and gender, work out the standard time as a percentage of the finish time, this will be your age grade %.

The following are some general guidelines as to how well your performance for that age and distance measures up:

  • Above 100%   Usually, at least a record setting performance for that age and distance
  • 100%              Approximate world record level
  • Above 90%     World Class level
  • Above 80%     National Class Level
  • Above 70%     Regional Class Level
  • Above 60%     Local Class Level

Disclaimer on the accuracy of data

The data is based on Road races only, so the calculated age grade % will be less accurate if based on for e.g. a 5K off road course.

As race results are stated by age group category, this category is used to determine the Age Grade %. This means, if for example a female athlete who is aged 44 is classed as an F40, they will be compared to the standard of a female 40 year old athlete. This means the Age Grade % will be slightly less than it would have been if the exact age was used.

Similarly where age categories are listed as for e.g. under 17 (U17). A male athlete who is aged 16 will be compared to a male athlete who is aged 17 and thus the Age Grade % will be slightly less than it would have been if the exact age was used.